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Moxibustion is heat therapy from the dried plant called Moxa, a plant apart of the mugwart family. This session focuses on balancing the QI in the body and help assist with aches and pains. This session is good for those who have chronic pain  from arthritis, IBS, and muscle pain.

45 Minutes $83

Acupuncture close up


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body called Meridians. Your acupuncturist will speak to you an analyze your imbalances in the body and help promote balance and pain relief with placing the needles in specific points of the body. 


Pricing is based on the practitioner. Please call for pricing and to schedule an appointment.

Pressure point massage 2


Acupressure is a similar structure to acupuncture without the needles. This is a light, energetic form of TCM that uses pressure on meridians instead of needles, to help promote wellness and balance. Your practitioner will speak to you to find your imbalances and create a service based on your needs to promote wellness and healing.

60 Minutes $110

Medical Thai Massage

Tui Na

A traditional Chinese therapy makes use of rhythmic compression techniques along different energy channels of the body called meridians, help establish harmonious flow of Qi throughout the body and bringing it back into balance. Similar to Acupuncture, this session focuses on the overall health of the client, instead of using needles for bringing balance, the practitioner uses acupressure, stretching, and massage techniques to bring the body back into balance. Please note that this is not a traditional massage.

60 Minutes $110
​90 Minutes $165



Reflexology applies pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, head, and ears. This session helps with reflex points that align with different organs in the body and relieve pressure from the feet, hands, and head. Reflexology will also help you understand any imbalances occurring in the body.

60 Minutes $110
​90 Minutes $165


Shamanic Foot Detox Bath and Reflexology

This session will start with a gentle and soothing Shamanic Foot Bath to promote grounding, energy clearing and detoxification. A special blend of Epsom Salt, Ginger Tea, and Baking Soda to clear your energy, promote detoxification of the feet and ground you into the present moment. You will then receive a 45-minute foot reflexology session to promote relaxation and grounding further.

60 Minutes $140

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