Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is a unique and a powerful tool that assists those who seeking self healing and help create change within their lives. Your certified Hypnotherapist will guide you into a highly relaxed state of mind and work with your subconscious mind. This service focuses on many different areas and is customized by your hypnotherapist for the individual client.
60 Minutes $110
90 Minutes $165
2 Hours $220
In Person and Online Available

Emotional Energy Clearing

This session helps bring you into the now and assists you on your own emotional clearing journey through a guided meditation hypnosis and energy work. Whatever emotional baggage you are carrying on your shoulders, this session will teach you how to ground, re-balance yourself and utilize these tools in your daily life. This session, although focused on hypnosis techniques, is a self guided emotional clearing. Your Transpersonal hypnotherapist will assist you in finding the tools you need to clear energetic patterns that are no longer serving you.

Inner Child Healing

This session focuses in on the early childhood in a gentle and safe space. This session will help you re-integrate your inner child back into your heart space, so you can nurture and care for them. This gentle approach will help your inner child come to peace with early childhood memories that may have made him/her no longer feel safe, loved, or wanted. This session helps assist you in coming to terms with these emotions and bring your inner child back into his or her power, which is love.

Past Life Regression

Whenever we experience events in this lifetime or the last, that seem too overwhelming, fragments of our soul will leave our body with the full experience of the event. This allows our subconscious to process the situation without being too over whelmed. At some point these fragments need to be called back to our body, including ones in our past lives, so we can heal that inbalance. Past life regression will assist you in understanding where your spirit has been “stuck” and assists in calling back that energy to your body so you can finally start the healing process.

Blue-Violet Hypnosis

Blue Violet Hypnotherapy is a technique created by Kellye. This services blends together breath work, energy work, shamanic journeying, and soul retrieval. Everyone's journey will be customized based on their particular needs. Explore deep within your subconscious. Working on triggers/ trauma, forgiving and healing the past, energy connection and attachment removal, Akashic records work, connecting with your higher consciousness, and potentially connecting with passed loved ones.
60 Minutes $133
90 Minutes $200
2 Hours $267


Kellye H.

Kellye is a certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist who graduated from the South West Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. She has been practicing hypnotherapy since 2010, since then she has also became certified in Theta Healing and specializes in Shamanic aspects of hypnosis and trance work. She is a shadow worker who helps you through your own journey of the shadow to promote balance and healing. In 2018 she created her own custom hyonotherapy session that balances the mind, body and spirit connection called Blue-Violet Hypnotherapy.